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R Is For Radio

Illustration for article titled R Is For Radio

The Onion AV Club asks Ana Marie Cox, of the now-defunct Air America and now a Washington correspondent for GQ, about liberal talk radio. Answer: "That we're humorless fucking retards." [Onion AV Club]


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So we're actually doing this, Jezebel readers? Call me overly optimistic, but I had hoped folks around here were a little too sensible to fall for this faux-concerned handwringing over what has apparently now become the R word. I can think of another applicable word, begins with an R, ends in an S, now what the hell was it... Oh yes: "Ridiculous".

I blame Palin for this shit, I really do. Two years ago it was a perfectly serviceable epithet for any neurotypical person found to be acting like a total fucking idiot, and it was understood that, unless the user happened to be an absolutely massive douche, it was not intended to make fun of the genuinely disabled.

All you self-appointed moral gaurdians and thought police can kindly jump right up your own asses.