R.I.P., You Feisty 'Gator

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On Thursday, an alligator was seen slithering around New York City in search of a home and a purpose in life. He or she has died.


The alligator was temporarily being housed at the New York Animal Care Centers after cops found it roaming the streets of Inwood on Thursday, at the intersection of Ninth Avenue and West 205th Street.

Deputy Inspector Chris Morello says of the alligator’s personality: “He was pretty feisty.”

According to The Daily News, police have no clue whether the alligator was someone’s abandoned pet, though it’s illegal to own one in New York. Sources now say the alligator died. No details on how.

Why did the alligator cross the road? To get to The Other Side :(

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Poor thing. They say it had duct tape on its snout, so I don’t have any doubts some idiot was trying to keep it as a pet. Probably just abandoned it when it got big enough to be hard to handle. Gators are not pets!