R.I.P., Hotel Room Minibars

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Bad news, impulse drinkers. Hotels are phasing out their in-house liquid temptation because you people won’t pay for over-priced tiny bottles of happiness (or sadness, depending on your intentions).


Mini-bar revenue decreased by 28 percent between 2007 and 2012, according to the Telegraph, and today it’s shrunk to about one percent. Doesn’t anyone appreciate the chance to get slizzard in a bed you don’t have to make up the next morning? Apparently not. We the People have realized that drinking a mini-bottle of Jack Daniels from a hotel room fridge is offensively more expensive than downing an entire bottle one could purchase at a nearby corner store for a reasonable price.

Grand Hyatt, Starwood and Marriott are reportedly phasing out this “luxury” soon, so if you’re going hitting a hotel in the near future, you should celebrate our country's step toward a more economical future — have a drink in a bed you won’t have to make the following day, then crack open those snacks you bought at the Walgreens down the block. Cheers!


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Good, maybe this will finally have a rise in hotel room refrigerators so I actually have somewhere to put my dinner leftovers for a change.