Quvenzhané Wallis Will Star as Annie in a New Annie Movie by Easy A Director

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Here's some excellent movie news: Quvenzhané Wallis will not sulk off into adolescence with her (fingers crossed!) Oscar like some accolade-hoarding mini-Smaug. According to the AP, she's landed the title role in a new version of Annie and should stick around in pop culture for at least a few more years.


And some especially encouraging news: Will Gluck, the guy who coaxed a masterful cool-dad performance out of Stanley Tucci in Easy A, will be directing this new Annie, set for a 2014 holiday season release. Let's hope we can enjoy this news without listening to comic strip sticklers making vaguely racist, Finnick-esque arguments on the internets about how Quvenzhane Wallis simply can't play Annie because Annie has red hair and freckles and things can never ever change for any reason.


‘Beasts' star Quvenzhane Wallis [AP via Yahoo]

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bear spunk

don't really care about the part where the remake casts a black girl. I'm more bothered by all the commenters that prefer the 1999 Annie vs. the 1982 Annie. Really?