Quiz: How Much Math Do You Know, Dummy?

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Remember when Terrence Howard said 1 x 1 = 2? Did you believe him?

Were you like, “No it doesn’t...” And then you had to think about it for a split second? That’s okay. While that does mean you’re a dummy, it doesn’t make you a complete dunce. Functions and formulas and whatnot are confusing, especially in a world where complex math is meaningless.

The thought of math, in fact, leaves me physically ill as an adult, but it didn’t always used to be this way. In high school, I loved it—even calculus. But over the years, my relationship with math took a dark turn. I can’t say exactly when. Maybe it was Statistics class in college as I was distracted by a crush who resembled Ja Rule. It’s been sad and, frankly, emotional, knowing little about math when I used to know so much. Look, for instance, at this set of numbers (via the only teacher I know now, Wikipedia) and tell me what it means:

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It’s an equation involving imaginary numbers. Do you recall? That’s because math isn’t real, people. Unfortunately, math is important—particularly the fundamentals we need to make it through everyday life. Come test your skills, kids, and answer these questions for me. Just know that every second of the experience of creating this quiz was wildly traumatizing for me :).

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