a) Sarah McLachlan dog commercial.

b) Realization that Anthony Weiner isn’t the only one.

c) I was emotional about having a baby with Kanye while I was still married to Kris.

a) Can’t remember the last time I was carded at a bar.

b) The crushing futility of life.

c) My family was picking on me during a family trip.

a) Automated customer service.

b) Calculated how many “good summers” I have left.

c) I just found out I would be nude in a magazine where I was told I would be covered.


a) “Your address is outside this restaurant’s delivery radius”

b) Broken bone.

c) I lost one of my diamond earrings in the ocean.

a) Ennui.

b) Pet insurance.

c) I got scared right before ziplining.

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