It’s currently December 9. And, uh, has anybody seen our snow?

Huge swaths of the Northeastern United States spent last winter digging out from brutal successive winter storms. But this fall has felt unusually warm—perhaps the annual pre-Solstice irritation due to insufficient sunlight also snuck up on you, without the expected signal that is bitingly cold November weather? And now the Associated Press reports that businesses dependent upon snow are very nervous.

In Maine, an outdoor sports business owner says he’s anxious. And in Vermont, ski areas are making snow but wishing Mother Nature would chip in.

Buffalo, New York, already has broken a record this year: Previously, the latest the city had seen measurable snow was Dec. 3. As of Tuesday, it had beaten it by five days.

Burlington, Vermont, could follow. Its current record for having no more than an inch of snow is Dec. 21, set in 1948, said Eric Evenson, a National Weather Service meteorologist. Burlington had received two-tenths of an inch as of Tuesday, well shy of the normal snow to date of 8.7 inches, Evenson said.

Meanwhile Bloomberg talked to meteorologists who predicted even more unseasonable warmth:

Starting Dec. 12, temperatures will build off the week’s mild start and keep going, said Tom Kines, a meteorologist with AccuWeather Inc. in State College, Pennsylvania.

“There should be a lot of record warmth with this,” he said. “This warm shot means business.”


This is what my forecast looks like:


How is one supposed to deck the halls in these conditions? Perhaps Christmas has finally met its match, and it’s not the War on Christmas—it’s the weather.


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