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Quick Question: How Many Rainbow Outfits Does Beyoncé Own?

Illustration for article titled Quick Question: How Many Rainbow Outfits Does Beyoncé Own?

Apparently Beyoncé just got the memo about gay marriage officially being A Thing. She decided to celebrate with a jaunty little Instagram video featured an array of rainbow fashions and her incredible thighs.


And by “array,” we mean an entire closet’s worth.


The more I think about it, Beyoncé has probably known about the SCOTUS decision from the jump, but it took her assistant five days to dig up all these clothes.

It’s great and wonderful that Beyoncé loves equality, but seriously how many rainbow outfits does this woman own? Are these all of them? Is this just the tip of the iceberg? Does she love gay marriage more than me because she has all these rainbow clothes? HELP.

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Image via Beyonce’s Tumblr.

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Not a single outfit less or more than she needs.