As my great grandma Estelle used to say, "Just because one would-be rapper and hip-hop collective member in Dallas is doing it doesn't mean everyone has to do it." However, hazardous fads that involve imbibing alcohol through other orifices than the mouth tend to catch on quickly: There was butt-chugging. Then tampons soaked in vodka. And now we're actually inhaling alcohol to lose weight, because America.

The Dallas Observer spoke to North Texas native Broderic Allen, a.k.a. Ballen, who was nearing 300 pounds when he stumbled onto the concept of inhaling his booze instead of wastefully taking in the calories. It's easy!

He simply puts dry ice and liquor in a cup, then inhales the vapor. From the lungs the alcohol goes straight to the bloodstream, thus bypassing the stomach and avoiding the calories that typically come from getting drunk.

One time when I was a kid, a "Science Magician!!!" came into class to show us the properties of dry ice. He stuck his hand (a rubber hand) into the bucket, screamed horribly, and threw the now-severed hand across the room. I almost pissed myself with fear. In conclusion, this may have colored my lasting terror of dry ice, but I'm pretty sure I don't want it anywhere near my lungs.

Sure enough — go figure — medical experts do not recommend huffing Malibu, reports In addition to lung damage, by skipping the digestive proponent that comes before alcohol goes into the bloodstream, it increases your risk of alcohol poisoning. Last year, a UK woman was rushed from a club to the hospital with a perforated stomach after consuming a drink that included liquid nitrogen.

Image via Svetlana Lukienko/Shutterstock