Queer Eye's Karamo Brown Says Wedding Planning Landed His Fiancé in the Hospital

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I will begin Dirt Bag, as I often do, with a marriage.

This one is just on the horizon. Page Six reports that Queer Eye’s Karamo Brown (who teaches men on the show about apps and, like, how to walk without crumpling into a heap—both genuinely useful to me as well), told his audience at a panel hosted at the Peter Jay Sharp Theatre Tuesday night that planning his wedding directly resulted in his fiancé, Ian Jordan, having to go to the hospital on Thanksgiving.


“This is a true story, it’s sad but it’s also funny,” Karamo began:

“This Thanksgiving, we spent the first couple hours in the emergency room because he had a severe anxiety attack, he thought it was a heart attack. They were like, ‘Everything is fine with you, it’s anxiety. What were you talking about before?’ and [Jordan] was like, ‘He’s been talking about the wedding!’”

We also learn from this report that Brown and Jordan have selected a 30-acre venue for the event, which will last three days and involves a Ferris wheel. A metaphor, perhaps.

[Page Six]

Anyone else want in on this discourse?

Pete Davidson hath returnéd to Instagram, muthfuckas.


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That Karamo Brown story sounds . . . terrible? Like, their wedding is putting his fiance under so much stress that he was hospitalized, and rather than scale things down and get some perspective on his priorities, he turned it into an anecdote?

Obviously, what the fuck do I know, and I’m biased by my own relationship issues at the moment, but I really hate this.