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Queen With Golden Piano Seemingly Out of Touch

Illustration for article titled Queen With Golden Piano Seemingly Out of Touch
Screenshot: The Sun / YouTube

The 92-year-old Queen of England, known for living in a palace and spending taxpayer money, is being lambasted on Twitter for appearing “out of touch” in her yearly Christmas lecture to the masses.


The Queen gave her annual holiday broadcast on Tuesday. She said many banal things in a room full of golden furniture, objects, and molding. Situated among such splendor, she advised viewers that “Even with the most deeply held differences, treating the other person with respect and as a fellow human being is always a good first step towards greater understanding.”

Apparently, the monarch’s viewers were kind of miffed about the whole thing, especially the gilded piano.


At a certain point, these tweets are all kind of saying the same thing: golden pianos are a limited resource, as is money and power in general, and flaunting them is crass—so is owning them. Also: golden pianos are not food, turns out.

Did not know The Queen was out of touch, updating my records accordingly.

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No doubt there are a lot of Britons who feel this way, but the “people on Twitter said this thing” has to be one of my least favorite pieces of new journalism. There are people on Twitter who say they want to fuck Gritty. We gonna write a story about that now? Actually someone on Giz media probably already has.

Point being, the fact that someone said something on social media shouldn’t be considered newsworthy. You’ll find literally every take on Twitter. You can cherry pick to suit your narrative. It’s disingenuous and stupid. Random tweets aren’t sources.