Queen of Bounce Big Freedia Unimpressed With Miley's Twerk Attempts

Big Freedia, New Orleans' own Bounce Queen, known for ass-centric song and dance (seen here in a clip from last year), is not happy with Miley Cyrus's antics, telling Fuse:

She was going too far. She's trying to twerk, but don't know how to twerk. It's become offensive to a lot of people who've been twerking and shaking their asses for years, especially in the black culture.

She may be familiar with me, but she don't know I'm the Queen of Twerking. But it's offensive to black culture and black women who've been twerking for years. Every time we do something, people want to snatch it and run with it and put their name on it. And they still don't even have the moves down yet. Just get me and Miley together so I could give her ass some lessons.



BTW here's a lesson:

We can also watch RuPaul, Big Freedia and some male models show us how it's done.

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Violet Baudelaire

I love Big Freedia, and I love bounce music in general - partially because it's ubiquitous here and incredibly fun to listen and dance too, but partially because it is one of the very few subgenres of rap or hiphop that openly support and embrace female, gay, or transgender performers (like Big Freedia herself). This article has been floating around town for a few days, but I wish the coverage of it here had focused more on some of the amazing things that she had to say regarding race, not just her throwing shade at Miley. My favorite part:

Some critics have pointed to the performance's racial overtones, with Vulture calling it a "minstrel show." Is that fair?

Most definitely. It should've been someone else having those dancers up there and not Miley. We want to empower women of all walks of life to express themselves through dance music. I definitely push that at a Big Freedia show and I have a lot of white fans who get up there and really twerk. I have some amazing white dancers who would get up there and shut Miley down. They could've used girls from New Orleans, even if they were not black, who knew what they're doing. They're just using anybody possible just to get that buzz since twerking is hot now... Miley's dancers were prop dancers. None of them were professional dancers.