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to Us Magazine, when asked, "Has your success made curvy girls more confident?"


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LudaŽena (Slatka)

Curvy women are too hard on themselves and it really is quite a recent development.

I am only 28 and even I can remember when being slender was considered unattractive. All the time, "Look at her, how beautiful she is! Imagine how beautiful she will be? All she needs now is some meat on those bones!" I can remember when models started to get thinner and thinner - it made me excited. Suddenly our average body shape was what was considered attractive - and, sure enough, the modeling agencies started taking more Slavic girls. Now I'm sure there are more Slavic models than not - and I can remember, myself, in my lifetime, when the "cheekbones up the back of her head" jokes were still common, when we were being laughed out of modeling agencies for being too thin, androgynous, etc.

The only downside is curvy women have taken it so hard. Caucasian women are being compared to a body shape most of them won't achieve. I'm often half the size of many non-Slavic, white women my height - my head is smaller, my hips are more narrow. I am 5'9 in American measurements and I bet I look 6'10 to most Americans in a picture.

So I have mixed emotions. I am so happy we are finally being valued. But I don't want other women to feel bad. Just be happy with your body and remember that men love curvy. Nationalism is the only thing that keeps our men for us. ;) If it was socially acceptable, they'd all go to Albania to get curvy wives I'm sure. Don't let yourself be made to feel less, like we did for so long.

Everything is beautiful to someone, and it should start with you.