Queen Elizabeth Likes to Fact-Check Downton Abbey

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Figures, right?

That’s according to the Telegraph, who got it from the author of the behind-the-scenes At Home With the Queen, who has it on good authority from somebody who works at Buckingham Palace.

“She loves watching Downton Abbey and pointing out things they have got wrong, partly because she is familiar with Highclere Castle, where it is filmed. She used to stay there as a guest of the Carnarvon family.

“She is the same when she is watching anything on television. In one programme she was watching, the Queen noticed that a British officer was wearing medals that were from the wrong era. It was set in the First World War but the medals he was wearing did not come in until the Second World War.”

“Oh Granny, lay off.” “Pipe down, you redheaded upstart.”

She also enjoys X Factor, a show essentially designed for scathing running commentary.


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I bet Her Majesty can drag you like a fresh carcass when necessary.