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Queen Elizabeth Is 'Granny,' and Also Prince Harry's Boss

Illustration for article titled Queen Elizabeth Is Granny, and Also Prince Harrys Boss

God, Prince Harry. I didn’t even really get him because growing up, Prince William was much more my steez and in my adolescent age bracket.


But now I do—and just how adorable, in that accessible yet hmm, he kind of seems like a bad boy so maybe he’s not emotionally available way, he is. And he calls Queen Elizabeth “Granny,” because of course he does; and he also calls her “The Queen,” because “she’s his boss,” reports the New York Times.

(Bonus points: he divulged all of this to a classroom of schoolchildren, along with his favorite food (Bolognese) and the fact that, supposedly, he doesn’t own a crown. (...but I call BS on that, Harry! You’ve got to have at least one sitting in the back of your closet, even if you don’t wear it all the time. It’s okay. You can tell me.)


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The fuck is with English people and their spaghetti bolognese obsession?