You might want to sit down for this: Proud anti-vaxxer Jenny McCarthy had a bad opinion about a medical issue. She has now released a statement to dig herself deeper.

Responding to her previous comments (linked above) about her former co-star Charlie Sheen’s HIV status. McCarthy wrote:


McCarthy, it seems, is confusing “double standard” with the fact that different illnesses are contracted in different ways and there is no need for an actor who’s not exchanging bodily fluids (beyond saliva) to disclose their HIV status. There is however a need for actors—especially actors who are kissing—to disclose whether or not they have herpes because herpes can be contracted superficially.

There’s also the tiny, tiny, tiiiiny fact that Sheen didn’t even have HIV when they shot Two and a Half Men together so—beyond his status as an abusive asshole—he had nothing to disclose.



Wow, Paz. You really make me think. [Dlisted]

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