There are by some counts as many as a dozen political candidates running for office who have expressed approval of QAnon’s belief system. In June Lauren Boebert, a gun-rights activist who spoke on a radio show about Q’s potential to be “really great for our country,” won a primary against a five-term Republican incumbent in Colorado.

On Wednesday, President Trump congratulated Greene on her win with a tweet.

It bears repeating that QAnon is a zealous, complex system of beliefs based on “decoding” secret messages to support the delusion that Donald Trump ran for president in order to stop a Satanic sex trafficking ring run by Hillary Clinton, “elites,” Democrats, and also George Soros. Last year, a book written by a dozen anonymous QAnon adherents claiming Democrats drink children’s blood became one of the top-selling books on Amazon. The FBI has labeled QAnon a potential domestic terrorism threat.


Greene’s platforms, as per her website, include “stop socialism” and “build the wall.”