QAnon Candidate Marjorie Taylor Greene Paints Herself as the Right's Violent Champion

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Image: Mike Stewart (AP)

Marjorie Taylor Greene, a QAnon supporter and, in all likelihood, future congresswoman for Georgia’s 14th district has officially gone overboard in her veiled threats against some of her soon to be co-workers, namely, The Squad. On Thursday, Greene’s campaign posted a political ad featuring Greene holding a rifle beside the images of Congresswomen Ilhan Omar, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Rashida Tlaib with the words, “The Squad’s Worst Nightmare” emblazoned across the bottom. The post, which Congresswoman Omar called out as a “violent provocation” was removed by Facebook for violating their policies, although which policy it violated was not specified.


Facebook might have singled out the ad, in which Greene appears to threaten her future colleagues with gun violence, but it’s just a small sample of her overall campaign theme, which appears to be rooted in violence and intimidation. On Greene’s official campaign page there is still an ad, posted Thursday night, featuring images of the Squad–albeit with just a suggestion of violence. Instead of toting a gun, Greene sits atop a horse, arguing that the Squad doesn’t “scare this American woman.” The caption that went along with the image insists that she’s running as Republicans champion in the battle against the Squad, who she characterizes as “hate-America leftists.”

There are also several ads for a gun giveaway Greene is hosting. What winning a gun has to do with a political campaign is beyond me, but alas, Greene seems to have combined the two. Nearly every post on Greene’s campaign page, which I regrettably scrolled through, is shaded with violence towards democrats and “weak-kneed Republicans.” She also posts videos of her deadlifting and doing pull-ups from the CrossFit studio she owns in an attempt to prove that physical strength is somehow an asset for a House seat. Even when her posts denigrate protests that result in violence, she herself continues to use menacing language and imagery to run her campaign. Hypocrisy, thy name is Marjorie.

It’s unclear whether Greene actually wants to hold elected office or if she simply wants to get into the same room as Squad members and wrestle them into submission. But she has built her campaign on her physical dexterity, strength, she argues can be weaponized against four women of color–a narrative that’s both extremely childish and dangerously effective.


I’m torn as a part of my would like to see her try to provide a reasonable explanation on how she, a single congresswoman of the likely minority Congress party, would be able to cause any issues to the Squad, who are a small group within the majority Congress. However, at the same time I’m worried that she would try to give one that would cause me massive headaches.

Also, let’s be real. Nancy Pelosi was/is/was the Squad’s worst nightmares and, unlike Greene here, is actually able to affect their political manouverings.