PWR BTTM's Music Has Been Removed From Streaming Services

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Last week a member of the punk band PWR BTTM Ben Hopkins was accused of sexual assault and predatory behavior. Jezebel published a report on the allegations which included an interview with a woman who claims she was assaulted by Hopkins. Now the band’s music is being taken off all streaming services at the request of PWR BTTM’s labels, Polyvinyl and Father/Daughter Records.


The band’s new album Pageant, which was released last Friday on Polyvinyl, is now no longer available for streaming on Tidal, Google Play, Amazon or Apple Music. Polyvinyl confirmed to Jezebel in an email that Spotify, the only service currently streaming the band’s music, has been asked to take the album down and is in the process of removing it.

Polyvinyl has also been offering refunds to fans who bought the album. “If you have ordered PWR BTTM products from Polyvinyl and would like to receive a full refund for your purchase, please contact,” wrote the label in their statement released on Saturday. “We ask for your patience as we work to quickly process all requests.”

PWR BTTM’s debut full-length album Ugly Cherries, released in September 2015 by Father/Daughter Records, has also been removed from iTunes and Apple Music. (Jezebel has reached out to Father/Daughter to confirm if the label is in the process of removing music from other services as well and will update this post if they respond.) The band’s records or merchandise are also no longer available through Father/Daughter Records or Polyvinyl’s website. Both labels wrote they will be making donations to RAINN and the NCAVP as a result of the allegations.

Since Friday several venues that were set to host shows for PWR BTTM’s tour have been told the dates are canceled, according to Pitchfork. There has been no official statement from the band on canceling the tour. Jezebel has reached out to the band’s publicist for comment and will update if we hear back.

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