Putin's Spokesperson's Wife Performed an Awful Holocaust-Themed Ice Skating Routine

Photo: Youtube
Photo: Youtube

In yet another piece of news that bleeds the lines between reality TV, life, and fascism, a video went viral of Vladimir Putin’s spokesperson’s wife, Tatiana Navka, performing an ice skating routine based on the Holocaust film Life Is Beautiful.


The performance, in which Navka and her partner Andrey Bukovsky dress as concentration camp prisoners and flee from the sound of police dogs, appeared on the Russian reality show “Ice Age” on Saturday night. Needless to say, the reaction from the internet was overwhelming disgust and horror.

I feel that too but am also having trouble understanding what inspired the stunt and, therefore, what to make if it. Was it obscene sentimentality? Gross antisemitism? A masterful matryoshka doll of internet trolling? All of the above?


You tell me:

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I am the proud owner of volumes 1,2 & 3 of the Russian Criminal Tattoo Encyclopedia. Let me tell you, I had no idea of the levels of antisemitism running amok in Russia at that time until I opened up those books. I mean, really, really awful stuff.