Pussyfooting Around The Issue

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Debby Herbenick (no relationship to Quentin Tarantino) thinks sex is about "more than just the vulva, penis or anus." But she's not talking about mouths, breasts or brains. For her, it's all about the feet. [Psychology Today, image via SMercury98]

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True foot fetishists are creepy. I remember one sidling up to me in a store and muttering, "sexy toes" and "nice feet" over and over in a monotone. *Shudder* It was years before I wore Malaga Red on my tootsies again.

But being into feet is almost as common as liking the missionary position. And I like a bit of attention paid to my feet, in or out of bed. I LOVE a good foot rub and I like toe sucking, etc. just fine, though it's more pleasantly ticklish than arousing.