Pushup Contests Required To Get Ahead At Goldman Sachs

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More allegations have emerged from the sexual harassment lawsuit three women filed yesterday against Goldman Sachs, including company-sponsored strip club nights followed by unwanted groping, racially insensitive emails, unequal pay, and clerical assignments equally-ranking men weren't asked to perform.


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I don't doubt that there is some meat here and if there is ever a trial (doubtful, GS will settle), facts will be brought to bear, but I just can't see how anyone with a finance job that requires high level analysis and thinking and that doesn't require blackberry set up or photocopying just does those tasks when asked. "I'm sorry, is your assistant/IT unavailable?" is a good response. Or even just "I have other work and won't be able to get to that." Sexist arseholes need to be told boundaries, not be allowed to keep crossing them.

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