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Pure Joy: Watch This Baby Experience Rain for the First Time

Did I expect to cry when I saw a video of an extremely cute lil baby experiencing rain for the first time? No, I did not. And yet, here I am, all misty-eyed and stuff. (It was the first "WOW!" that really set me off.)


According to Colorlines, this video shows 15-month-year-old Kayden going out in the elements for the first time. I am literally never going to complain about the weather again because just look what the weather has begotten. (Spoiler alert: there is a little damp dog that pops out at the end, so prepare yourself accordingly).

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This? This here? This is what parenting feels like in its finest moments. Time slows, you hear some sort of indie guitar act in the back of your mind, and you become perfectly in tune with the joy and wonder your child is experiencing and it's better than if you were experiencing it first hand, because you are sharing that moment with someone you love beyond words and thought.

This gets you through the worst moments of parenting, which feel like you are on a rickety old roller coaster and your safety harness isn't working, so you have to grip on for dear life. And also you are responsible for the roller coaster, and the roller coaster has covered you in no less than 7 bodily fluids.