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Pup Rescued After Getting Stuck in Tire

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A stray dog that was seen hanging around an Indianapolis neighborhood got its head stuck in a tire rim. This is one of those simultaneous sad and cute mishaps, like when a kid gets their head stuck in a banister. Jessica Arnold, a neighbor who would feed the stray, found her trapped and took her to the nearest fire department. At first, the firefighters tried using soap and oil to get the dog’s head out of the tire but were unsuccessful. More than an hour later, they were able to rescue the pup using a tool that cuts brake pedals.


The pit bull mix, who Arnold calls Jimma, was removed from the tire unharmed. “The dog’s airway was never compromised and the dog appeared otherwise ok,” the fire department said. Afterwards, she was sent home with Arnold, according to ABC News. “Jimma will become a part of her family permanently,” said Arnold.

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Happens to cats all the time. #teamdog