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It’s safe to say that Megyn Kelly Today is an unsurprising train wreck. The show is reportedly “destroying” NBC’s morning ratings according to Page Six; interview gaffes, like Kelly asking Jane Fonda what work she’s had done, certainly haven’t helped the show. And now, understandably, celebrity publicists don’t want their clients on the show.

Variety reports that even though publicists still want to book people on other sections of Today, that stops when it comes to Kelly, with many publicists refraining from booking their clients on her show. “I literally haven’t pitched anyone even from right out the gate. The buzz that is out there is so bad,” a “high-powered publicist” told the magazine. “I am just not sure what type of celeb interviewer she is,” said another publicist. “She’s awkward at the moment.” A NBC spokesperson also denies that Kelly’s show is having issues booking celebs, saying the show has “celebrities booked for weeks and months to come.”


Additionally, even though Kelly doesn’t want to talk about politics anymore, unfortunately politics are stuck to her. I guess that’s just what happens when the only reason people know who you are is because of Fox News and heated public discussions on Santa’s race. One publicist told Variety that they didn’t want their client associating with Kelly because her conservative brand is “alienating.” “Because she came from Fox News, she was set up for failure because the industry is so polarized now and no one wants to touch anything associated with Trump,” the publicist said.

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