PTA Mom Wins Millions in Civil Suit After Two Other Parents Planted Drugs in Her Car

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Another reason why messing with suburban moms is always a bad idea: Kelli Peters, a former PTA president and Orange County resident, won $5.7 million in a civil suit in damages over an incident in which a pair of two other parents, whose son attended her child’s school, planted weed and narcotics in her car.


As reported by People Magazine (who used the phrase “pot plot” in their headline before I could, #godbless), Kent Easter and Ava Everheart (who then went by Jill Easter) decided to make like corrupt DEA officers after a misunderstanding over a remark Peters made about their son, believing she had called him dumb.

Some Julie Cooper, right there.

The beef between the parents was purportedly due to Peters referring to Easter and Everheart’s son as “slow.” While Peters supposedly meant that the boy was “walking slowly,” his parents took it as an insult to intelligence.

Everheart then put forth requests to the school administration that Peters be removed from her school duties—and subsequently upped the ante by accusing the PTA member of stalking and making death threats directed towards her family, specifically her and her son.

The obvious step here, apparently, was to drop a plethora of pharmaceutical wonders—namely weed, Percocet, and Valium, as well as a “marijuana pipe”—into Peters’ car.

This is where it gets a little less “suburban mom blow up” and more “how did this quasi-racist scene from a scrapped OC finale end up here?”:

“Kent Easter then called Irvine police, and, disguising his voice in a south Asian accent and giving himself a false name, reported he’d seen Peters driving erratically in the school parking lot.”


(Better yet, why this wasn’t also a major plot line on a crossover episode of Weeds and The OC is beyond me—only a TV hybrid between a show that had that many water polo references and a show that a lot of ganja could possibly concoct this. The only thing missing is that a boy from Chino didn’t accidentally burn down a house.)

While Peters was not arrested for the incident, it apparently took a toll on her psyche:

“I would cry all the time. I had a special place next to my bed I would hunker down and sit next to the bed and put a blanket over my head and try to get away from the noise and cry and cry. Now it sounds so stupid and dramatic but I just couldn’t get away from it.”


Having won the suit years after it was filed, Peters is now confident that she, her daughter, and her husband, who is currently fighting leukemia, will be able to move forward.

“We fought a really hard fight and we were just exhausted,” she told People. “I am so glad it is over.”


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huh? is this how humans behave? just asking for my alien friend. i’m trying to explain to him how humans interact with one another. this probably is not the best example.