PSA: Miley Is 'Over' Twerking; Has Yet To Discover Shmoney Dance

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Miley Cyrus is officially done with twerking, y'all. Having honed the specifics of the dance and singlehandedly brought it to popularity, there's just not much more she can do with it, you know? But because she's Miley Cyrus, the godmother of black culture, she is again bringing to the masses, a dance move that millions of people have already known about.


This time, she is doing her rhythmically-strained version of The Nae Nae—a dance created by the Atlanta group WeAreToonz well over a year ago.

Cyrus appeared on an Australia talk show and demonstrated the dance for a crowd of befuddled Aussies. To be fair, she didn't say that she invented the dance and credited her team of dancers with teaching her the move.

Billboard, however, just said "fuck it" and decided to pretend like there is anything "new" about The Nae Nae.

First of all, everyone who knows anything about The Nae Nae knows that it began its slow march towards irrelevancy the very moment it was mentioned in an SNL skit. Second, everyone also knows that Kevin Canevari of the Mercer University basketball team gave the best performance of the The Nae Nae ever by a white person, full stop.

In the words of Remember the Titans: that is a baaaaad white boy.

The conversation about The Nae Nae begins when the Australian host suggested that "twerking is over." Miley agrees with them, but is also completely unable to provide any background on The Nae Nae's origins. It's another instance in Miley not quite knowing what the hell she's talking about and not having a reference point or contextual understanding for her objects of appropriation. As long as strip clubs continue to exist, twerking shall continue to thrive—just as it had for the many, many years before Destiny Hope Cyrus first discovered Juicy J.


At this rate, in about 16 months she'll be introducing us to the next big dance sweeping the nation: The Shmoney Dance.

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