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PSA: Matt Lauer Is Still a Dick

Illustration for article titled PSA: Matt Lauer Is Still a Dick

A new, lengthy piece by Gabriel Sherman in this week's New York magazine about the current struggles at NBC news reminds us of one thing: Matt Lauer might be very good at playing himself on Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, but he is still a jerk in all the ways many network personalities are.


Exhibit everything, as Sherman describes Lauer's reaction to attempts made by News chair Patricia Fili-Krushel to improve Today's ratings, which are still lagging behind GMA following Ann Curry's exit from the show:

Producers began to grumble that Lauer was preventing Today from evolving. When Fili-Krushel proposed installing a troika of female producers to oversee the show, Lauer and Guthrie nixed the plan. "This is like Lilith Fair," Lauer complained to a senior producer, according to a source, referring to the '90s all-female rock festival.



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I'm still mad at him for being mean to Ann Curry.

I once read somewhere, probably here, that he gets yelled at by strangers who are also still mad at him about his treatment of Ann Curry. I aspire to be one of those people.