PSA: Lukas Graham Is a Band, Not a Person, and None of Its Members Are Named Lukas Graham

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After watching their performance of the song during the VMAs pre-show and because I hear it play in the grocery store every other time I visit, I can safely say that I’ve heard “7 Years” at least three dozen times. But it wasn’t until very recently that I learned Lukas Graham, the artist responsible for the hit, was not a person named Lukas Graham at all. Instead, Lukas Graham is band comprising of four people, none of whom are named Lukas Graham. How strange.


Lukas Graham is made up of four Danish buds named Lukas Forchhammer (the lead vocalist), Mark Falgren (the other one), Magnus Larsson (the other other one), and Morten Ristorp (the Miranda). They’re huge in their native Denmark, and growing considerably more popular stateside, because there’s nothing American teens to love more than moppy headed European dudes with voices that don’t match their faces who sings songs about forever well before they’ve grasped the concept.

Let’s run through that again and refresh ourselves (NOTE: The post has been updated to add a bullet about Lukas Forchhammer’s father.):

  • Lukas Graham is a band, not a person.
  • No one in Lukas Graham is named Lukas Graham.
  • The lead vocalist of Lukas Graham is named Lukas Forchhammer.
  • Graham was Lukas Forchhammer’s father’s middle name.

In case that didn’t clear it up for you (the writers at People could certainly use a refresher course), I’ve created a few more graphics that should help.

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welp this only serves to strengthen my INTENSE hatred for that song.