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If you can imagine what Beauty and the Beast’s Gaston would look and act like if he were a 20-year-old in 2018, then you are already acquainted with self-described billionaire Emmanuel Fredenrich, a Swiss entrepreneur who claims to like “doing crazy things,” including setting up dating ads for himself on Instagram.

According to the New York Post, Fredenrich, the latest man to turn the Internet into his personal Tinder app, is looking for a relationship. He is particularly interested in blonde women who will send him nude pics and who “doesn’t take life too seriously”:

Fredenrich says he has “high standards” for the women he dates. His ideal match: a woman involved in media or advertising, who “takes care of herself and likes staying fit” and likes to go on adventures.

And while his website states he’s looking for a blond, promiscuous date who will send him nudes, Fredenrich says this isn’t the case: This line, like many on the site, is simply a display of his sense of humor.


“I’m looking for a special girl to date,” his dating website reads, “I’m aware that posting an ad to do that is about as normal as seeing an elephant commit mass murder with an AK-47 and then being killed by a baby racoon [sic].” He is not looking for someone that special, though, because he clarifies to the Post: “I’m 20, so marriage is definitely off for a very long time.”

On his website, he also talks about hanging out at Pablo Escobar’s former home, sleeping with sex workers, and having AIDS, all of which he tells the Post are “jokes.” A funny man!

Fredenrich claims to have received 1,000 applicants since he started advertising, a fact that Business Insider couldn’t verify. What we do know, however, is that he has gained about 50,000 Instagram followers since the Post’s report went live five days ago, and the ad that reportedly linked to his dating website now reroutes to his Instagram page—a clever way to gather more Instagram followers and boost his revenue while also increasing his chances of getting laid.

Consider this a public service announcement:









Thank you.

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