Justin Bieber had a Cribs-like hang session with BBC Radio 1 and it looks like his pet dog Todd is alive.

This is a relief because 1) Bieber has a well-known contentious relationship with animals, and 2) sometimes said animals mysteriously disappear. In the video above, Bieber gives BBC’s Clara Amfo a tour of his home (only the outdoor areas), a sanctuary where you can find him water sliding, bass fishing, rowing, playing ball, praying or just plain hanging from a tree in his down time. “That tree at the top is called Wisdom Tree,” he says, pointing yonder at a mountain. “I was there this morning and my sister was out [here] and I was hanging from the tree and I said, ‘Can you see me?’” Yes, but what about Todd? Can we see him? Indeed, this video offers concrete proof that Todd is still around.

There he is, moving. Good boy.

And there he goes.


Todd is alive and that’s good. If you want to keep tabs on Todd, you can via Instagram, where Todd has his own account.