Projecting Mightily, Trump Suggests Hillary Clinton Is Wearing a Wig

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It can be hard, at this point, to keep track of the mighty rivers of diarrhea streaming from the mouth of presidential candidate and hair plug swollen with rancid egg whites Donald Trump. This one is notable, though, demonstrating as it does the classic Freudian concept of projection in defense of the ego. He thinks Hillary Clinton is wearing a wig.


In fairness, the original Wigspiracy originated not from Trump himself, but from human right-wing panic room Matt Drudge (who previously suggested Clinton has brain damage from a 2012 concussion). In a series of tweets, he demonstrated his mastery of women’s haircare:

(There were a few more in between, but honestly, life is short.)

On the Mark Levin Show Wednesday night, as the Hill noted, Trump jumped on the wagon, noting that Clinton’s hair has become “massive” and agreeing with Levin’s assertion that It a Wig. Around 12:20 in the video below:

“Is that a wig?” Trump said. “It really was shocking to see it. You’re right, it must be. … It was massive. Her hair became massive.”


“You know you’re gonna get in trouble now,” Levin replied.

“I don’t care. I’m a person who tells the truth. It was interesting. I’ve never seen Hillary with that hairdo. I think that’s an OK thing to say.” [Ed Note: According to the fact checking website, Donald Trump is not, in fact, a person who tells the truth.]


None other than Hillary Clinton’s hairdresser has been asked to weigh in on this important controversy. The hairdresser, whose name is Santa Nikkels, huh, OK, told People, “You guys are so funny,” and “She has the most amazing hair in the world.

A man with a fraying hair ring and Donald Trump, just chatting away about Hillary’s hair like we all exist in some alternate, irony-free universe.


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Donald Trump and his glorious all-natural mane take New Hampshire, November 11, 2015. Photo via AP Images


John Boehner

Oh my God, I’ll just give it to them. Hillary Clinton is bald and she is wearing a wig. Yes, it’s true.

Now what? You just outted a woman for balding. And then acted like she needed to be ashamed, or that it somehow made her unfit for candidacy. Only a child would commend you for that bullshit.