Last night's episode was one of the most dramatic so far this season, with an epic diva meltdown, tears, anger, betrayal, backstabbing and one very miffed Tim Gunn.

We should have known drama was in store when April called Gretchen "Hitler."


Or perhaps we should have paid attention to AJ's "Let Them Eat Cake" tattoo — the revolution will be televised, and it will be ugly!

In any case: The challenge involved dividing into teams and choosing two fall trends, for which each team had to present a cohesive collection. Many superstars — who have won challenges in the past — ended up on "Team Luxe," where the trends were menswear and camel. The underdogs were on Team Military Lace.

Team Military Lace member Casanova had a "major, major, major" diva moment. Quoth he: "I am making clothes for old ladies, sluts and flamenco dancers… I am even getting fat."


On to the collections:

Valerie for Team Military Lace.


Mondo for Team Military Lace.

Peach for Team Military Lace.


Michael D. for Team Military Lace.

April for Team Military Lace.


Casanova for Team Military Lace. This team won, and Casanova was the overall winner! Sometimes you just need a little cry.

On Team Luxe, each person designed a few pieces, not a complete look. But over at the Project Runway website, they've assigned names to the outfits, which I'll include here:


Michael Costello for Team Luxe.

Ivy for Team Luxe.


Andy for Team Luxe.

Chris for Team Luxe.


AJ for Team Luxe.

Gretchen for Team Luxe.

There was more drama when Team Luxe had to chose their weakest link. Gretchen did most of the talking. First she loved the collection!

Then Gretchen called the collection "crappy." In the end, AJ was sent home for his "air hostess" shirtdress. But really, since Gretchen masterminded the whole craptastic 70s Grandma shebang, she should have been auf'd.

Tim Gunn was pissed.