Pro-Tip For Selling Your Home: Put Parker Posey In the Listing Photos

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There’s an entire industry dedicated to staging homes for real estate listings. These people (dare I call them con artists?) come into your home and decide how to arrange either your furniture, their furniture, or fake furniture in a way that will make any prospective buyer have multiple orgasms upon entering, ultimately leading to a purchase.


But that industry is a scam. You don’t need complex arrangement strategy or realtor feng shui. To guarantee that your home will fly off the market and lead to the kind of bidding war the dopes from Million Dollar Listing dream about, you just need one thing: Parker Posey elegantly draping herself on a chair while reading a book. reports that Posey, former indie movie queen and iconic Busy Bee hunter, listed her “one-bedroom, one-bathroom unit” in New York’s Greenwich Village for $1.45 million back in May. To make sure it would sell as quickly as possible, she “made a cameo appearance in the listing photos with her bichon frisé, Gracie, snuggling on her lap.” It sold in a heartbeat.


Someone needs to pitch this show to HGTV.

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JujyMonkey: unstable genius

Sorry, but I disagree. Staging your house/apartment is absolutely essential if possible.