Pro Tip: Don't Name Your Designer Clothing After A Concentration Camp

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There seems no other explanation for this "Belsen was a gas" name for an Evil Twin jacket, other than it being a pun on Bergen-Belsen, a concentration camp where approximately 50,000 people were murdered. (And, not that it makes much of a difference, didn't even contain gas chambers.) But hey, it's on sale! Update: Yes, a Sex Pistols reference; that's no excuse.


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Even if that was a Sex Pistols song (and I DO love the Sex Pistols)....if they had a song called "I Love Genocide" or "Isn't Racism Fun?" I doubt they would be naming clothing after those songs. This is title is like that, but just with another layer of education over it. You have to know what Bergen-Belsen is...which most people should a Jew and a human.