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Pro-Gun Activists Gunning For Anti-Gun Violence Advocates, Literally

Illustration for article titled Pro-Gun Activists Gunning For Anti-Gun Violence Advocates, Literally

Gun control advocates have an internet target on their backs. An app called Gunfree Geo Marker - which identifies the homes and work addresses of outspoken anti-gun violence activists - was discovered Thursday morning.


From Fast Company:

Clicking on a person's name in the menu reveals their address on a Google map, along with the app creator's reasons for including that person in the app.

For instance, Joseph Quint, a photographer who is working on a documentary about gun violence, is described as "an anti-gun troll who is so confident that he is right, he is afraid to defend his position." Andrea J. Markley, a woman who is vocal about gun control issues on social media, is described as "aka liberal hippie queen." Ladd Everitt, the head of communications for the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, is simply listed with his job title.


Apparently the app is a response to a different, more reasonable endeavor:

The app is a response to another app called Gun Geo Marker, which allows people to mark on a map the locations of guns that they believe are unsafe: For example, the gun's owner may have insufficient training or a history of frequent and unlawful discharge. Gun Geo Marker's makers say it is intended to be a safety tool. But Gun Geo Marker has been compared to a New York newspaper's decision a few years ago to publish the names and address of 33,614 gun permit holders, an ethically dubious decision that many gun owners said made them feel targeted and vulnerable.

And obviously the best solution here is to target regular ass people just tryna live their lives and make sure innocent people don't die?

UPDATE: The app has been taken down.


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Mr.Noir, Liberal Hippie King

SoOo... You're gonna show the country how necessary guns are & how responsible gun owners can be by...targeting people who disagree with you? That's like driving drunk to a Anti-Drunk Driving advocates house & crashing in their garage. Than again when you're so beholden to your boom-stick you feel you have to carry it with you everywhere (Walmart, chipotle, church) your critical thinking probably isn't the best.