Prison Guards Make Lawyers Remove Their Bras

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Some Belgian lawyers allege that the "sensitive" metal detectors at one jail are just an excuse to get female visitors to take off their bras.


According to the Telegraph, lawyers say the metal detectors at Belgium's Hasselt jail seem to get more finicky when young women walk through them. Says a representative for the lawyers,

The metal detection checks seem very difficult to carry out when a pretty, young lawyer or visitor reports to the prison gate. And then it becomes a little something to amuse the guards.

Time and again they let the metal detector go off. First, the shoes, then the jewellery. And, since the detector still beeps, they demand that the lady in question take off her bra.


A spokesman for Belgium's prison administration calls the allegations "far-fetched," saying, "I've visited Hasselt prison several times with female colleagues and none of them was asked to loosen her bra." However, it's certainly possible that the guards are on good behavior when higher-ups visit. And even if it turns out the guards aren't being pervy, the incident highlights the need for sensitivity and respect in security measures. As the disturbing story of "labia lifts" taught us, facilities need to balance safety concerns with the rights of the people being searched — and that includes the right not to be harassed.

Belgian Jail Tells Barrister 'Babes' To Remove Their Bras [Telegraph]

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hussein persepolis hussein

I had this exact thing happen to me in NY state maximum security prisons. Not only did I have to remove it but I had to leave it along with my cell phone and ipod. And it was a female officer. Horrible, horrible, horrible experience. I'm a reasonably "normal" looking white girl and this happened not that many years ago. The stories of what family member and vistors go through will make your toes curl.