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Print Of Kanye Kissing Kanye Mural Sells for $100,000

Illustration for article titled Print Of Kanye Kissing Kanye Mural Sells for $100,000

Australian artist Scott Marsh is the man responsible for the prodigious mural depicting Kanye West sucking face with himself. And now he is $100,000 richer after selling a print of the original painting for that same price.


Marsh documented the sale on his Instagram account with the caption, “If anyone needs me I’ll be at the #lordgladstone drinking from the top shelf”:


Fair enough, dude.

With this sale Marsh has also, Vulture reports, painted over the mural. Alas, nothing gold can stay — especially when said gold is an erotic visualization of Kanye’s profound narcissism.

Thus far, we do not have any information regarding the identity of the Marsh’s patron. There is, however, some speculation that they may have purchased the rights to the image.


Top Image via Getty. Embedded Images via Instagram.

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I'm just gonna go ahead and assume that Kayne bought it and it's now displayed prominently in his bathroom.