'Print' Is the New 'Wig,' Because a Newspaper Was Just Snatched From Katy Perry

Brush, Brush, Bish
Brush, Brush, Bish
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Katy Perry is happy! :) But Katy Perry is also sad. :(

In a single tweet sent early Wednesday morning (or late Tuesday night, depending on where in the country she was), Perry took us on a journey through the breadth of human emotion. Firstly, she was overjoyed by a recent visit to the dentist; our girl got a clean bill of [oral] health! “High of the day: 0 cavities 🙏🏻,” she wrote.

But lacking fillings and being fulfilled are far from the same thing—something I learned as Perry went on to reveal that it’s hard to celebrate being good oral health when she doesn’t have a copy of The Washington Post in front of her and those well-maintained chompers. Wrote Perry:

low: @washingtonpost won’t deliver physical newspapers to my zip code. Alas, I guess I’ll just have to stay w/my singular perspective of @nytimes (also I am purposefully @ ing WP so I can possibly get this “problem” fixed) anyway, keep scrolling.


An alternate tweet: 🎵Print is the part of me that Jeff Bezos went ahead and took away from me 🎵


After hunting high and low, the editorial staff of People learned that no woman on the planet is more beautiful than Pink. Take a DeLorean back to the year 2000 and show me this cover. I’ll spit in your face.

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It doesn’t matter to us who the father is, but it kind of does matter to the baby.

I can see how using a friend as a sperm donor is nice, ‘cause you know them, but if they’re not going to be involved in the parenting, isn’t it a little odd when you continue to hang out with them? I think if I was planning to go it alone, I’d hire sperm from a bank.

Or is the idea that they had a casual/benefits thing and she fell pregnant? I have this vibe from them like she would be with him in an instant if he was into it, and that makes me think he’s kinda a dick for taking advantage of her feelings.