Princess Charlotte Looks Skeptical of This Public Appearance Business

This past weekend brought yet another round of 90th birthday celebration for Queen Elizabeth II, as the royal family gathered on the balcony of Buckingham Palace for the annual “Trooping the Colour” military parade. That includes Princess Charlotte, who looked deeply unconvinced by the whole affair.

She is also still mastering the mechanics of waving. Wave to the normals, honey!


This is the face of a child who is done for the day.

The princess was, however, overshadowed by her own great-grandmother. Queen Elizabeth II is known for her bright, single-color ensembles (all the better for those in the back of a big crowd to get a glimpse), but truly, the woman outdid herself this time with a lime green so bright it was probably visible from orbit.


She looks like she’s going to a rave later. And why not? She is the birthday girl.


Photos via Getty Images.

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