Princess Charlotte Is Already a Moneymaking Machine

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She’s barely been out of the womb four months but Princess Charlotte is already generating sweet, sweet revenue. For other people, of course, because you don’t need to crawl out and get work as a Gerber baby to pay for college when great-grandma is the figurehead of the United Kingdom.


CNN Money reports on the calculations of a firm called Brand Finance. (Which is not a front for a bunch of royals who don’t want to give up the family business, honest!) They say Charlotte is “worth” $5 billion to the economy of the U.K. That’s less than her mother, who they peg at $7.2 billion, but far more than George’s paltry $3.6 billion. So where do those numbers come from?

But given Charlotte has only appeared in public twice — the day she was born, and during her christening — the value she’s already generating for British business is impressive.

The “Charlotte effect” brought a huge uplift to fashion and other brands the little princess has worn or been associated with. Her birth generated economic benefits of more than $150 million, Brand Finance estimates.

“The unofficial endorsement of Charlotte, George and Kate in particular has a profound financial effect running into millions annually,” said CEO David Haigh.

For instance, the company that makes that $100 shawl she was wrapped in to meet the world is still riding high. “We have seen a big increase in orders from all around the world in the last couple of months, thanks to all the media coverage,” said an exec.

Your baby is priceless, of course.

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Part of me, embarrassingly enough, actually does think “A REAL BABY PRINCESS!!! HOW ADORABLE!!! PUT HER IN A TIARA, A TIARA!!!”

The other part of me is desperately hoping that getting stalked by paparazzos 24/7 won’t give this poor kid serious mental issues and/or physical injuries.