Prince William Would Worry About the 'Barriers' His Kids Would Face If They Were Gay

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Prince William would be quite concerned if any of his children came out as LGBT—not because he’d personally mind, he insists, but because of how difficult their lives would be...somehow.


William said that while he’d be super chill about his kids being gay, he worries about the pressures they’d face, “and how much harder their life could be.”

“I wish we lived in a world where it’s really normal and cool, but particularly for my family, and the position that we are in, that’s the bit I am nervous about,” he said.

Seems to me those pressures wouldn’t so much come from outside the monarchy, but from within it. I realize the royals are meant to be the paragon of buttoned-up English gentility, but this is 2019. If you’re white and have as much money and power as this family, no one gives a shit what you do! Plus, the royal family has already had a same-sex wedding, to say nothing of the same-sex relationships that have been prevalent in the monarchy for centuries.

William says he supports “whatever decision” (?) his children make, but he worries about the “barriers, “persecution” and “discrimination” they could potentially face. Uh, buddy? Any child of yours already has the luxury of being born into extreme wealth and privilege; their lives largely shielded from the everyday difficulties experienced by most of the rest of the world. If William should be worried about anything, maybe it should be his own subconscious prejudices.

I don’t understand how one person can spend so much time consuming social media and still fail to understand the fundamentals of cultural appropriation. And yet, here we are:


Even more irritatingly, Kim also tried to trademark the freaking word itself, in a specific font. No one ever learns!


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I’m not sure I get the snark over William’s comments (beyond the legitimate discussion about the word “decision”). He acknowledged that the issues would be the result of society’s failures and that’s something we all need to work to change. Given the scrutiny Meghan has faced, undoubtedly in large part because she is not white, I think it’s pretty reasonable for William to see how a non-heteronormative child of his would be a lightning rod for hatred. I take your point that his child will be better equipped than many due to their immense privilege, but William is a dad worried about his children experiencing pain.