Prince William Has 'No Idea' When Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's Royal Baby Is Due

Prince William’s got jokes—at his little brother Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle’s expense, no less.

While on a trip to New Zealand, must be nice, a fan in a sea of people lined up to welcome his arrival shouted, “Any signs of the royal baby?” at him. Not missing a beat, William retorted, “I haven’t got my phone on me. I have no idea! You guys will find out before I do at this rate!” like a pro.


It’s a good bit, and I hope all the royals have a sense of humor. If they’re anything like my family, they most certainly do not, and could you imagine his next meal with the Queen, the passive-aggressive tension in the air? It’s like a Thanksgiving meal for the rest of us, just with the added benefit of generational, bourgeoise guilt. Yikes.


Screenshot: The Blast

Here’s a sentence I never envisioned writing today: 50 Cent and Vanderpump RulesLaLa Kent are feuding because her rich fiancé Randall Emmett owes him $1 million. According to the Blast, the rapper gave Emmett the obscene amount of money as a loan six years ago and gave him a date to pay it all back, interest-free—but he never received a dime. That was, until 50 started blowing up his spot on social media and Emmett wired him a quick $250,000.


Somehow this interaction inspired 50 Cent to go after LaLa Kent by posting a clip from Pump Rules and comparing her first date with Randall to “ME TOO ROLE PLAY.” Kent vlogged her objections to the lazy comparison and that’s.... about it for now.


No one loves a feud like 50 Cent, or Kent, for that matter, so I don’t know if I could envision this one ending anytime soon. At any rate, I’m with Chrissy Teigen:


[The Blast]

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