Prince Louis Is Not Down With This Balcony Shit

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On Saturday morning, Britain’s Royal Family celebrated the Trooping the Colour, a very old, delightfully arcane celebration of the monarch’s birthday, timed not to the actual birth of the Queen, but instead to the two months a year when London is not a drizzly mess and suitable for a parade. (Queen Elizabeth II, an obvious Taurus, was actually born on April 21.)


Since the monarch is technically the head of the country’s military, the parade allows the Queen to survey her troops as they march across the Mall, per CNN. 

The parade, which gives the Queen a chance to review her army, moves from Buckingham Palace down the Mall to Horse Guard’s Parade, with members of the royal family traveling on horseback or carriage.

It would be hard for this year’s event to carry the excitement of last year’s celebration, when bearskin-besotted soldiers literally collapsed from the heat, but this year introduced both Meghan Markle and Prince Louis, the youngest son of Prince William and Kate Middleton, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, to the annual mass gathering of the Royal Family on the Buckingham Palace balcony.

Though Meghan, a grown ass adult, dressed and behaved impeccably per usual, in a great case for why 1-year-olds should not be included in prominent events of state, Prince Louis put on a most excellent display of his grumpy, scrunchy, frown-face.

Eventually the young prince eked out a wave, which might also be an attempt to escape his mother, and/or shed his mortal coil.

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Best of luck to Prince Louis, whom I hope is braced for a lifetime of pretending to enjoy boring ceremonies.



Can I ask a genuine question here? It sometimes seems, going by websites and whatnot, that folk in the USA are more obsessed with the general goings-on of the UK royal family than those of us in the UK are.

As a country who rebelled against said royal family and went your own way, my question is, simply... why?

Especially on websites such as Jez, where you guys are all about social justice and equality, why celebrate these elite born-into-privilege types (albeit there are one or two exceptions who marry in) at all?

Again, this isn’t some trolly flame-bait thing. I really just don’t understand why they have such appeal to you guys over on the other side of the big water. :)