Prince Harry to Marry???

Prince Harry, unmarried, fifth from right. Image via AP.
Prince Harry, unmarried, fifth from right. Image via AP.

The Royal Family–the two thousand year old UK version of the Bachelor, but a lot slower–finally (hopefully) has produced a new development! The Daily Star is reporting rumors that on a Botswana camping trip, “helicopter pilot Harry” flew American actress Meghan Markle to an isolated spot to propose to her under the stars, removing me from the running to someday birth a British monarch.


Rumors have been going around since they went to Botswana, since the helicopter pilot/His Royal Highness’s brother proposed to the Kate Middleton on the same continent in 2010. “Sources” tell the Star that the couple has been wearing Zulu betrothal bracelets because, one says, “The world is watching, so the royal red tape needs to be adhered to. Meghan won’t be landing at Heathrow with a giant rock on her finger.”

And if the Daily Star is correct, and if the Queen approves, there goes royal bachelor news for another twenty years.


But how expensive is the ring? How hot is Meghan, and is she hot enough to deserve him [see slideshow]? And how soon can we have royal babies and most importantly, will they come out like the composite photos?

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Adrastra, patron saint of not giving a fuck

Thoughts on a guy potentially proposing in the exact same way as his older brother? Weird, or unoriginal but otherwise fine?