Prince Harry Really Hijacked This Year's Family Christmas Letter

Photo: Getty.
Photo: Getty.

Season’s greetings from the Windsors! Charles and Camilla are celebrating the duchess’s 70th birthday; William is proud to report George is doing well in nursery school. Harry, meanwhile, is newly engaged and just released an interview with Barack Obama.

This morning the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall released their official Christmas card, presented here nestled inside a Christmas tree. Very nice. The pair continue to enjoy their travels, their grandchildren, and spending time in the country. They are probably thinking idly about getting into fancy cheeses.

Photo: Getty.
Photo: Getty.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge—Will and Kate—also released the photo that will be featured on their official Christmas card. They look wholesome, color-coordinated, and thoroughly staged. They announced that come January 2018, Princess Charlotte will start at London’s Willcocks Nursery School.

Harry, who eagerly awaits his May wedding to the stylish Meghan Markle, has not released an official Christmas card. However, he has sat down with his personal friend, former president of the United States Barack Obama, for a brief interview. For BBC Radio 4's Today, which Harry will be helping guest edit for two episodes after Christmas, as per the Guardian, “The interview focuses on their shared interest in building platforms for the next generation of young leaders,” according to Kensington Palace.


It seems unlikely that he is purposefully making the rest of the family look like boring clowns, but at some point you have to wonder.

Anyway, their very distant cousins—the heirs to the Swedish crown—released a YouTube video of a rousing snowball fight. There’s always that one rudely athletic branch of the extended family, right?

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The Noble Renard

I love that Obama and Michelle will be guests of honor at the wedding and Trump will likely not even get an invite.