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Prince George Does Not Give a Fuck About Your Provincial Bubbles

Photo Credit: Getty Images
Photo Credit: Getty Images

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, together with their tiny royals Prince George and Princess Charlotte, have concluded a one week tour of Canada. As a tribute to the Royal Family’s hosts, Kensington Palace has released a short video with footage from Thursday’s children’s party. Unsurprisingly, Prince George makes a number of appearances in the video, and he looks bored as fuck.


As E! News reports, the festivities took place at a petting zoo on Thursday afternoon. In the video Princess Charlotte keeps close to her mother and appears slightly bewildered by her surroundings (understandable). Prince George, on the other hand, ambles about with a fish-shaped bubble gun and makes use of his toy with great solemnity.


The eeriest shot? At one point, a bulky, gooey bubble with a circumference exceeding that of the Prince’s head hovers nearby like a soapsud daemon. Prince George ignores it—peasant bubble!—and it is unceremoniously popped by someone else.

Bizarre, bubble-centric video aside, it sounds as if the Royal Family enjoyed their sojourn! Prince William issued his thanks in a statement (also included in the Instagram caption):

“Catherine and I are incredibly grateful to the people of Canada for the warmth and hospitality they have extended to our family over the last week. We have loved our time in British Columbia and Yukon and will never forget the beautiful places we have seen and the many people who have been kind enough to come to welcome us in person. We feel very lucky to have been able to introduce George and Charlotte to Canada. This country will play a big part in the lives of our children, and we have created such happy memories for our family during this visit. Canada is a country of optimism, generosity, and unrivaled natural beauty. I hope we have helped all Canadians celebrate what makes this country great. We will see you again soon.”

But not too soon, if Prince George has his say. Judging from his expression as the rest of his family waves goodbye, he is ready to GTFO — and, most likely, to play with toys far niftier than a provincial bubble gun.

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My favorite picture from their visit.