Preview Sweet Valley High's Grown-Up Sequel

It's Sweet Valley Fever! Not only is there a Diablo Cody-helmed film in the pipe and the whole gang on Twitter, but an all-grown-up sequel is dropping in April 2011 — and we read the preview.


First of all, you have to be an adult to even access the top-secret preview, so are we all at least 18? Yes? Ok. This being Sweet Valley, it'll get real — and now that the Wakefield twins are all grown up, that means Adult Situations.

It's a tease, but here's what we learn in Chapter 1. Elizabeth Wakefield, a stunning beauty, has moved to New York, where she's landed at a small theatre magazine. But what no one in her new life knows? The one thing that's always on her mind: the falling-out with her twin, Jessica.

"Lizzie. Pick up." The woman's voice on the machine was plaintive. "Please. I really need to talk to you."

Of course, Elizabeth could hear it from the kitchen. Could she ever miss that voice? Now so sweet, so seductive, pleading softly, spreading out the vowels, almost song-like. Liz...zee...

That voice, so heavy with love. Love me, it said, forgive me, so I can put you out of the way and get back to my own life.

We see Elizabeth reject the chance to sleep with a friendly coworker — despite her loneliness and minimal social life — and brood on her sister's betrayal.


...and the rest? We'll have to wait for.

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