Pretzel Crisps Really, Really Wants To Piss You Off

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If you suspected that Pretzel Crisps' series of offensive ads were a cynical publicity stunt, this site they launched confirms it. Perhaps they'll find it less entertaining to see sales go down, but that just might be our humorlessness talking.

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I tried to email the address they provided and it bounced back. I guess they don't really want to hear my feedback.

So my 8 minutes of email composition doesn't go to waste:

Dear Pretzel Crisps:

I am a 29 year old with a PhD. I have disposable income, am health conscious, and enjoy pretzels. I'm fairly sure I'm part of your target demographic. And yes, I realize it's a pretzel ad because I am literate. I like your product and might consider buying it again if you'd ditch this absolutely inane advertising campaign. Irreverent doesn't automatically equal humorous; it also has to be funny. You have failed. Let it go and try something else.

By the way, referencing other poor-taste sexist advertising on your own site helps me mentally classify your company with other brands I abhor. Are you sure these are the kinds of associations you want to make?