Pretty Pretty Princess Was Game of Thrones For '90s Babies

This week we said a bittersweet goodbye to Game of Thrones, and I, for one am thrilled to have my Sunday nights free again to do literally anything else. Maybe I’ll finally learn to cook or watch a show with less than 500 characters that might be easier to follow. Perhaps I’ll have some friends over and play a board game.

To feed the Game of Thrones-sized hole in your heart, might I suggest Pretty Pretty Princess? The dress-up game was a staple of many a nineties household, including my own. It is also basically a simplistic, board game version of Game of Thrones.


Players take turns, passing a plastic tiara back and forth, until one of them collects a set of jewelry pieces and is essentially dubbed ruler of the Seven Kingdoms. There is no dragon, but the game is so repetitive you might as well set the board on fire, anyway. Jezebel revisited the iconic game and the drama was high, but sadly, we turned the cameras off before our version of the Red Wedding. Tune in next week to find out who won the throne.

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AHHHHHHH this was my favorite as a child. I was convinced I was the only person who remembered it until now.